Your IC consultant

your istrilene cosmetics consultant at your home your link with istrilene cosmetic products


Your IC consultant

On an IC party, at your home, face to face or after

Your IC consultant is

Your personal connection with the IC products in your area!


Your IC consultant  in your area is dedicated and offers u (and your friends) 'all kinds of personal benefits' by your shopping experience:

*she is flexible in time: she knows you have a busy schedule and comes when it fits you the best,

*she is mobile: and demonstrates the IC products at your home on your IC party

As soon as you have made an appointment for a IC party, she gives you tips and tools for organizing your IC party

*each woman has her own unique needs, interests and budget for her journey to beauty and care:

She gives personal advice, all kind of tips,

You can test the IC products, smell, watch the colors and analyze them, learn to apply them... before you buy anything

*she follow you up

Content yourself to an IC consultant in your area... because the personal service and afterservice, is for you and her important!

And you and your friends can have benefit of the price advantages due to an IC party!


Don't you know an IC consultant in your area?

Contact us:

Tel: 015/242099 during office hours or


And we will find you an IC consultant and connect her to you.

We don't have IC consultants in each area. Do you know someone? interested?

job at istrilene cosmetics as consultant


Do you know someone or are you looking for a job in the cosmetics sector?


You like beauty and care and high quality products...

You have a knowledge or like to start with it...

You are social and like to share your knowledge with friends and clients...

You like to give a good and friendly service and after service and like to build a clientlist

You are flexible in time and place

We offer you a job on independent base

You work independent:

You determine your working rhythm... also a nice and easy way to combine with your job!

You earn that depends on your job  due to a commission.

You don't have to have knowledge of accounts, an TVA, but you are obligated to have a business number.

You don't have to invest but you have to focus on your own personal effort as an IC consultant with a flexible and mobile shop.

You have a good contact with the IC head office, who helps you and offers you order bons, brochures, receives your orders, delivers your orders... to build your business.

You have contact with an IC coach , who helps you with building your shop and knowledge about the products.

Starting your own business isn't hard or cost a lot of money or  has must paper work... it is a passion!


Don't hesitate! Contact us and ask for an informal appointment. We would like to inform you.

There isn't an IC consultant in each area- we are looking forward to welcome you in our IC team!




Your personal IC-service

Bij u thuis, op IC-party en online Uw IC-adviseuse is uw connectie met IC-producten. Zij laat u producten uitproberen, geeft u tips en adviesen en volgt je persoonlijk op.