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Collagen elastin enriched

Collagen elastin is a cream very economic as fantastic quick visible results without side effects.

It promotes the increase in soluble collagen, elastic connective tissue causing the tension of the skin improves.

Collagen elastin enriched is a specialty of Istrilene!

Ideal for any type of skin.

Contents: 50 ml - Art. Nr.: 10509

A very sweet cream based on soluble collagen.


Apply twice daily for three weeks a little cream on the skin.

The cream is rapidly and completely absorbed by the skin.

morning: firstly the cleaning of the face, followed by collagen elastin enriched. Soak.

That day cream database application, then possibly the makeup.

night: clean with milk and tonic.

Elastin collagen enriched applying before bed.

After three-week treatment cannot apply the cream at night after a thorough cleaning of the skin.


€ 45,00

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