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The Face & Body Butter is an intensive nourishing and soothing body butter for long-lasting hydration and protection of the face and body skin.

Suitable for dry to extremely dry skin.

Content: 75 g-Art. Nr. : 10430

Shea Butter: comes from the seeds of the fruit of the "Shea-Nut Tree".
These seeds contain 34 to 57% oil. It is a soft fat that melts at body temperature and softens the skin.

Macadamia oil: is won by robbing the nuts of the macadamia tree grows always green.
The oil is unique due to its composition, both healing as she is beneficial for soothing irritated and inflamed skin.

Squalane: plant-based assets that very strongly similar to the natural skin components and thereby is rapidly absorbed and very long optimizing works.

Gum1 biosaccharide: a film forming active ingredient with long-lasting hydration properties.

This Istrilene family pot is indispensable in our daily care.

Daily the whole body mold release after any bath or shower.

Also recommended for gorges, dry skin, spout of the cold, diaper rash, ...

€ 24,00

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