Book an istrilene cosmetics party at home


Do you like our IC products and would you like to introduce them to your friends and family?

Do you like to know our IC product more before buying them?

Organize an IC party at you home!

A pleasant and fun way to shop together.

A raison to be together with you friends, family, colleagues,...

With a theme about facial and body care, your beauty with make-up.

Cosy and relaxed at you home... at a time that suits you.

It is fun!

An IC consultant shows you the IC products and gives you all kind of tips.

She answers all your questions and gives personal advice

Together trying products and talking about the use

It is not only fun... it is also informative!


gift for hostess istrilene cosmetics sept dec 15 thank you hostess for your hospitality


Organize an IC party at your home...become hostess and receive a gifts: 


Your first gift: ( valid from September until December 2015- the gift changes 3 times a year)

Crystal'line body trap

with  Metallic tattoo


Your second gift:

You can choose IC products you like. The amount you can choose from for free products is based on the total sale of your IC party.


And additional gift:

By organizing a next IC party.


Ask your IC consultant for more information .

Your personal IC-service

Bij u thuis, op IC-party en online Uw IC-adviseuse is uw connectie met IC-producten. Zij laat u producten uitproberen, geeft u tips en adviesen en volgt je persoonlijk op.