Group benefits

exclusif login exclusif membership istrilene cosmetics

you organize an IC party at you home... for friends, colleagues, neighbors, family... u form a group*

you and you friend who are present... can enjoy

profitable group prizes on the total range of IC products.

The discounts can be up to 25% in comparison to the prizes on the webshop.

Condition: the number of people on your IC party = at least 7 persons

You invest in us... we in you!

You are exclusive for us!


*you and your friends on the IC party

Can place a back order with

Profitable prizes, during a period of 6 months.

*after your order on the IC party, you automatically receive a personal and exclusive IC login


Your IC consultant follows you personally

Face to face and online, and is always at your service!

Your personal IC-service

Bij u thuis, op IC-party en online Uw IC-adviseuse is uw connectie met IC-producten. Zij laat u producten uitproberen, geeft u tips en adviesen en volgt je persoonlijk op.