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The consumer is entitled to inform the vendor that he or she wishes to cancel a purchase, without penalty and without having to provide reasons, within 14 business days of the day following the delivery of the product or the signing of the service agreement.


Webshop General Terms and Conditions


Article 1: General

These General Terms and Conditions govern, on the one hand, the use of the vendor site Istrilene Cosmetics, the URL of which is, maintained by Distrilene NV, a limited company with registered office at Industriepark 36a, Heist-op-den-Berg BE-2220 under company number: 447.479.113 (hereinafter referred to as the vendor: Istrilene Cosmetics)

and, on the other hand, the online sale of certain products and services via the Site by Istrilene Cosmetics.

The Istrilene Cosmetics website was set up on behalf of and is managed by Istrilene Cosmetics.



By using the Istrilene Cosmetics website, and by placing an order with the vendor, the customer or the Exclusive Member unconditionally and irrevocably agrees to these General Terms and Conditions.



Services: in general, all services offered by the vendor on its website, and in particular the sale of products and services via the internet.

Customer: anyone who enters into a commercial relationship with the vendor by purchasing a product or service via the website of Istrilene Cosmetics. By concluding the said transaction, the Customer confirms that he or she is authorized to make the said purchase and to conclude a commercial transaction with Istrilene Cosmetics.

Exclusive Member:

Istrilene Cosmetics offers its customers the option of signing up as an Exclusive Member for a period of 6 months. This membership is free of charge.

On the recommendation of the IC advisor, and provided an order is placed with another IC party, the selected Customer automatically receives an electronic link via email from Istrilene Cosmetics; the link provides access to the advantages of the exclusive membership.

This membership is automatically terminated after a period of 6 months.

The membership may be terminated at any time by closure of the account or by sending an email to: .


Article 4: PRICES

The prices indicated on the website are in euros, and include 21% VAT and administrative costs, unless expressly stated otherwise.

The prices of the products and services do not include transport costs.

Istrilene Cosmetics reserves the right to change its prices at any time. However, the products and services purchased will always be invoiced at the prices indicated in the email confirming the order. These are the prices that applied at the time of the purchase.


Article 5: ORDERING

Minors or others without legal capacity must be represented by their parents or legal guardians, who are thereby bound by our General and Sales Terms and Conditions.
The products and services, as defined in Article 3, will be offered for sale via the website

Notwithstanding any written proof the Customer may have, it is expressly agreed that only the information registered in the IT system of, its hosting partner or its internet payment partner shall serve as proof of the communication, the contents of the order and all transactions that have taken place between the parties.


Article 6: Order confirmation

After the order process has been successfully concluded, Istrilene Cosmetics confirms the order by email.

The Customer will receive 2 emails:

  • Confirmation of the order (order confirmation)
  • Confirmation that the items have been shipped (shipping confirmation)

In the shipping confirmation you can find a link to enable tracking via Bpost.



In the event that one or more products or services should be unavailable, Istrilene reserves the right to cancel the order unilaterally. If the order is cancelled, Istrilene will inform the Customer that the order is cancelled in whole or in part.

Istrilene Cosmetics will ask its bank within reasonable time to credit the amounts paid back to the Customer.



The products remain the property of the Supplier until such time as they are paid for in full by the Customer or Exclusive Member.

Istrilene Cosmetics also reserves the right to refuse any order from an Exclusive member or Customer with whom it is involved in a dispute or with whom a dispute had arisen in the past.

The Customer's bank account is debited after a purchase has been confirmed, and the payment will only be effective once the Customer's bank has approved the payment to Istrilene Cosmetics.

In the event that the Customer's bank refuses payment, the order is automatically cancelled.

Customers guarantee that they are authorized to make online payments with one of the above-mentioned payment methods and that there are sufficient funds on the bank account linked to the credit card, debit card or iDEAL account to cover all the costs arising from the transaction.

Entering confidential payment information on the website of Istrilene Cosmetics is extremely secure thanks to the SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer). Istrilene Cosmetics works with Ingenico Payment Services for the processing of online payments,


Article 9: Delivery

Delivery shall take place after the approval of the payment by Ingenico Payment Services.


Article 10: Shipping costs

The following SHIPPING COSTS apply to the various countries:

  • Belgium : : EU 5.90
  • Free delivery  in Belgium  from  : EU 80 per order
  • Netherlands: EU 5.90 (excl. the Neth. islands)
  • Luxembourg: EU 5.90
  • France: EU 9.90
  • Other: Please contact us for the costs to your area.


Article 11: Delivery time

The following DELIVERY TIME* applies to deliveries to the various countries and applies to orders placed before 10 a.m.:

  • Belgium: the next business day
  • Netherlands: in 2 business days
  • Luxembourg: in 2 business days
  • France: within 5 business days
  • Other: please contact Istrilene Cosmetics for the delivery time

* unless there is a delay in delivery due to circumstances beyond our control.


Article 12: Revoking the order and return

Every consumer has the right to revoke an online order placed within 14 calendar days of the day the Product is delivered.

The Product purchased must be returned undamaged and in the original packaging with sufficient postage to be sent back to the following return address: Istrilene Cosmetics, Industriepark 36a, 2220 Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium.

The Customer's account number must be included, so that Istrilene Cosmetics may be able to reimburse the purchase.

The return shipping costs for Products ordered online are to be borne by the Customer, unless the Product delivered did not correspond to the description of the Product on the order (e.g. due to damage).

Damaged Products must be returned to the return address together with a description of the damage within 14 calendar days, paid for at the regular shipping rate.

Return address: Istrilene Cosmetics, Industriepark 36a, B-2220 Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium


Article 13: Protection of privacy

The vendor reserves the right to collect user data from the Customer for exclusively internal use, and to do so both directly by collecting the data that are entered by the Customer when registering and/or placing an order, and indirectly by for example the use of cookies, subscription to a newsletter, or placing an order.

Under the Law of 8 December 1992 for the protection of privacy, the Customer has at the right at all times to consult these data, to modify them or have them deleted if he/she no longer wishes to receive information about the vendor's activities. The Customer may do so by contacting Istrilene Cosmetics via


Article 14: Liability

Istrilene Cosmetics cannot be held liable for any harm or damage sustained through the use of the internet, and more particularly by a system outage, by outsiders hacking into the system or by a virus, nor for any information placed or processed on the site by third parties or for any act that according to case law is considered to be circumstances beyond its control. Istrilene Cosmetics does not assume any liability for any indirect damage, such as the loss of income, clientele, etc.

Istrilene Cosmetics' liability is in any event limited to the Products' purchase price, regardless of the legal grounds on the basis of which Istrilene Cosmetics is considered liable.


Article 15:  Intellectual property

Users who have their own website and who wish to place an automatic link, even if for purely personal use, between their own site and the Istrilene Cosmetics home page must request the express consent of Istrilene Cosmetics.

Any hypertext link back to the Istrilene Cosmetics using the techniques of framing or in-line links, is likewise expressly forbidden. In any event, every link must be removed upon the request of Istrilene Cosmetics.



Any dispute concerning the use of the Services as defined in Article 3, and concerning the underlying General Terms and Conditions, is subject to Belgian law. In the event of a dispute, the courts of the Antwerp district, Mechelen section, have sole competence.



These terms and conditions may be altered at any time without prior notice by Istrilene Cosmetics.

The nullity of any provisions of these Terms and Conditions will have no effect on the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions and will not entail the nullity of those provisions. The User acknowledges that he or she has read the Terms and Conditions and declares that he or she accepts all provisions, conditions and prices.

The User undertakes to inform Istrilene Cosmetics immediately by registered mail of any change of address.

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