cc cream anti redness colour correction skin protector istrilene cosmetics

CC cream anti redness

Luxurious all-in-one cream that adding to the complexion, protection and care of the skin.
The perfect cross between skin care and makeup.

-moisturizes for 24 hours-retains moisture level of the skin-anti-aging: is wrinkling skin-against-camouflages small bumps camouflages the red, couperose skin-long-term protection of the skin-contains UVA UVB protection CC & stands for colour correcting, this cream provides on top of its skin caring properties also for a correction in the skin tone making the skin look healthier, less red.

CC cream anti redness contains specially selected green-coloured pigments that the red skin fixes.
Immediately gives optical result.

Content: 30 ml-Art. Nr. : 10443

UVA UVB protection & Alkyl Benzoate which ensures optimum conditioning of the skin and gives the skin a silky feel Cyclopentasiloscane-leave a protective film on the skin-promotes the hydration of the skin-works small irregularities-gives a radiant appearance-protects against harmful influences outside Glyceryl ban protects against free radicals and is vochterlies of the skin from Isotearic fills the moisture content of our skin to green pigments that the red color of our skin fixes

Your natural facial complexion is essential for a harmonious appearance.

Do you experience your skin complexion problems, is matter of a little red? These are problems that can be caused by age, lifestyle, varying temperatures, stress and fatigue.

The applied technology of Istrilene kleurcorrigerende CC cream uses the light.
Light distribution by means of multidimentionale creates a bright, natural and healthy look, your reddish skin is neutralized.

Use:-to apply after cleansing and additional care of the face-to apply for the makeup bring to the neck and decollete with dots in the face (same day cream or liquid foundation), rub then open with the fingertips You can also use our blendingspons to the CC cream beautiful, smooth blending so you can work constructively, without mask effect.

€ 18,10

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