Rypseed oil day cream - 24h hydration

Protective and nourishing allround cream that inhibits collagen degradation.

It restores intensive dry skin and regulates the moisture level.

Suitable for dry, mixed and mature skin.

Content: 50 ml-Art. Nr. : 15124

Lipid complex: the cells of the stratum corneum (horny layer) are surrounded by a lipid matrix. The lipid complex that this cream was added matches these lipid matrix. Lipids (skin FAT) sebum is vital for normal functioning of the stratum corneum and for finding water in the upper skin layers. In this way, the moisture level in the upper skin layers maintained.

Colhibin: is an ingredient of vegetable origin (rice) that protects the skin against the collagen-depleting effect of collagenase which is caused by UV rays or other skin-unfriendly conditions. Colhibin prevents premature skin ageing which is caused by degeneration of matrix proteins, drying of the skin and the appearance of age spots.

Vegetable oils: sunflower oil, wheat germ oil, canoba oil, coconut oil, UV B Sun filter, Humechant: keeps the moisture of the skin with it.

As day cream for mature, mixed and dry skin.

The cream is quickly absorbed by the skin and is economical in use.

€ 25,50

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