40+ day cream - 24 h hydration


A soft cream designed to make the skin more smooth and expression wrinkles visibly reduce.

Protects the collagen fibres and keeps them elastic.

For each type of skin, but less suitable for very oily skin.

Contents: 50 ml - Art. Nr.: 10341


Ameliox: is a complex of liposomes of carnosine and oxidants Silymarin and tocopherols Carnosine: is a di-peptide as the network setting and hardening of collagen, protects the collagen fibres and keeps them elastic.

Silymarin: comes from milk thistle. This soluble radikalenvanger in oil prevents premature aging of the skin and protects the skin from oxidative stress.

Tocopherols: vitamin E is extracted from seeds, nuts, grains, vegetable Greens and soy. Also is a Shea butter antioxidant: comes from the seeds of the fruit of the "shea nut tree". These seeds contain 34 to 57% oil. It is a soft fat that melts at body temperature and softens the skin.

Glycerin: humectant

The 40 + day cream is a base for each skin cream this morning after the purification of the skin with massage on the face and neck movements.

€ 25,50

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