The luxury bathtub dermatologically piece

100% SOAP free this bar is very mild with respect for the natural acidity of the skin.
It is PH 5.5-5.6 (neutral).

Contains 25% moisturizing ingredients.
Supplemented with neutral cleansing parts she works moisture-regulating.

Rich and creamy foam formation.
She has no problem with hard water, no lime deposits on the sink and is biodegradable.

Can be used for the whole body.

Suitable for people with allergies to real SOAP.

Good for anyone who wishes to use less aggressive detergents.

Art. Nr. : 2014017

Soft cleansing SOAP without the aggressive properties of real SOAP.

Contains a huidneutrale PH a bactericidal ingredient.

Fresh floral fragrance.

Can be used for the whole body.

€ 10,05

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