Beverly foam bath

Clear translucent bubble bath.

Fresh flowers bouquet with fruity note, supported by jasmine, Lily of the valley and orange blossom.

A refreshing, stimulating and beautiful your skin which rejuvenate their bubble bath.

Makes the skin soft.

Content: 200 ml-Art. Nr. : 170243

A natural skin soothing ingredient: that the cleansing effect adjusts to the nature and the structure of the skin.
After all after taking a bath or shower is the natural protective film, which is produced by the skin, gone.

The Istrilene foam baths are now so that the skin this movie in a minimum of time can build up.
So will the skin, also at regular baths, soft to the touch.

A water softener the water delicious velvety soft.

A foam stabilizer that will make the foam very long.

Jasmine, lily of the alley and orange blossom.

A tablespoon is sufficient for a bathtub.

Pour the soup bubble bath from spoon on the bottom of the tub at the place where the water jet bath.

Best is to fill the bath with the sprayer.

€ 10,60

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