Giftset bath salts - White

  • * Dermatologically tested and approved on all kinds of allergies, this extremely suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin!
    * Works anti-oxidizing: while bathing the waste excreted by the body and are the dead skin cells of the body, as it were, soaked off. This causes the sebaceous glands activated and creates a natural and healthy protective layer on the skin.
    * Relaxation and development planning for the whole body * relieves pain and muscle cramps * stimulates natural positive functioning of muscles and nerves * eliminates toxins from the body * environmentally friendly
  • content: 190 gr-Art. Nr. : 2015.038
  • * Natural ingredients
    * free from SOAP and detergents which affect the natural protective layer of the skin
    * paraben free
    * silicone-free
    * Micro plastic smoking - environmentally friendly
    * no added dyes and mineral oils

Let fill up your bath and add the desired amount of bath salts.

€ 6,05

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